Taram is a vertically integrated global textiles player that delivers high quality home textiles solutions. We are a part of the Ramco Group, a conglomerate with over USD 1 billion in sales. We built our legacy in spinning with the establishment of a spinning mill in 1936.

Today, we are premium manufacturers across the textile value chain. We have one of the largest fine count spinning and weaving capacities in India, an in-house processing unit, and a fully automated cut-and- sew facility.

Taram’s agile manufacturing processes, teamwork, and value system allows us to provide unmatched flexibility, customization, and product diversity. Our entire company, from product development to manufacturing to community service, goes beyond to elevate lives.


  • Seek Knowledge

    Seek Knowledge

    We seek philosophical perspectives and value learning to better ourselves and our work

  • Respect Everyone Respect Everyone

    Respect Everyone

    We appreciate the contribution of every person, encourage diverse views, and give
    our people the freedom to grow

  • Build Trust

    Build Trust

    We are ethical, transparent, and dependable

  • Committed to Quality

    Committed to Quality

    We are uncompromising in our promise to deliver consistent quality to our customers

  • Pursue Excellence

    Pursue Excellence

    We set the highest standards for ourselves and commit to being the best in everything we do

  • Share Prosperity

    Share Prosperity

    We do more than business. We build institutions that sustain lives


Creating Solutions
that Elevate Lives


Go Beyond

Brand Identity


Taram means ‘quality’ in Tamil and ‘go beyond’ in Sanskrit. Tamil and Sanskrit are two of the oldest languages in the world. Our symbol is the ‘t’ from Taram. It radiates five fiber-like forms that resemble waves of energy. The waves move upward and beyond representing our purpose - ‘to elevate lives’. The progressively increasing weight of the waves symbolizes our pursuit of excellence in quality.